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Course Syllabi

Below you will find course syllabus for courses offered in the Retail Merchandising Program. The course syllabi may not be the official course syllabi, but is meant to provide an indication of course content and structure. Contact the instructor for the official syllabi.


DES 1111 Creative Problem Solving (Hokanson) Spring 2020


RM 1201 Fashion, Ethics, and Consumption (Kim, L.) Spring 2020


RM 2215.1 Introduction to Retail Merchandising (Lord) Spring 2020


RM 2234 Retailing in a Digital Age    (An Lim) Spring 2020


RM 3124 Consumers of Design (Thompson) Spring 2020


RM 3201 Career and Internship Preparation for Retail Merchandising (Rechtzigel) Spring 2017


RM 3242 Retail Buying (Thompson) Spring 2020


RM 3243 Visual Merchandising (Wu) Spring 2020


RM 4117W/5117.1 Retail Environments & Human Behavior (Wu) Spring 2020


RM 4117W/5117.2 Retail Environments & Human Behavior (Reiley) Spring 2020


RM 4123 Living in a Consumer Society (Norton) Spring 2020


RM 4212W Dress, Society and Culture (An) Fall 2019


RM 4216.1 Retail Promotions  (Im) Fall 2019


RM 4216.2 Retail Promotions  (Reiley) Fall 2019


RM 4217 International Retail Markets (Kim, L.) Spring 2020


RM 4247 Advanced Buying and Sourcing (Lord) Spring 2020


RM 4248 Creative Leadership in Retailing (Thompson) Spring 2020


APST 5121 History of Fashion (Reiley) Spring 2020


APST 5218/ADES 4218 Fashion, Design, & the Global Industry (Reiley) Fall 2018


DES 8164 Innovation Theory and Analysis (Hokanson) Fall 2017


APST 8268 Behavioral Aspects of Dress (Im) Spring 2019


APST 8271 Retailing: Strategic Perspectives (Kim, H-Y) Fall 2019


APST 8272 Digital Consumers: Theories in Retail and Consumer Studies (Im) Spring 2020


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