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MiYoung Lee, Professor, Inha University, South Korea


I began my graduate studies as a quiet foreign student in the master's program in what was called the Graduate Program of Design, Housing and Apparel. I entered into the apparel studies emphasis. Pursuing both a masters and subsequently a doctoral degree at the University of Minnesota (UMN) was a transforming experience in my life. The things that I learned during this time continue to inspire me to this day.

The professors are among the top apparel scholars in the world. Being able to both take classes and receive individual mentoring from them concerning both teaching and research, was and continues to be invaluable to my career. Thanks to their training and guidance along with my own determination, I became a successful university professor. I was recognized in 2009 by my own university with the highest award given in recognition of teaching excellence.

The program offered an ideal learning environment and provided the foundation for my academic career. The program stands out because of its strong emphasis on research and the collegial relationship among the faculty and the students. I specifically recall the research assistant work was focused on projects that are driven by input from both students and professors rather than busy work in the service of an advisor’s research interests. The training I received at UMN has prepared me to excel in the global marketplace of academic scholars.


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